Organization and administration

Flexibility, reliability and an eye for quality are values that we have internalized at our company. In our administration boasts a structured workflow which ensures our customers that all projects are executed smoothly and that they have a personal contact person.

Additionally, we also train our own qualified professionals. These include production mechanics, textile and apparel sewers, textile-apparel tailors, electricians for operational equipment and industrial clerks.

Peter Müller: Organisation Verwaltung

Development & product design

We don’t just want to be good, we want to be better. In order for us to continually offer our customers new and innovative solutions, we employ our own team of textile technicians and textile engineers at our headquarters.

In direct cooperation with our customers, our specialists develop individualized material, manufacturing and design solutions for the successful products of tomorrow.

Peter Müller: Produktion & Entwicklung
Peter Müller: Produktdesign


One of our company’s strengths is its modern machinery, which we have advanced throughout the years. We invest in the most modern and innovative machines that are specially customized for circular and flat knitting production at Peter Müller. In terms of production technology, we’re always on top

of the latest developments in the area of manufacturing processes and stay in tune with the times for the sake of our customers. This gives us a clear competitive advantage in being flexible and quickly able to react to to current production demands of our customers.

Peter Müller: Produktion 02
Peter Müller: Produktion

Cutting, assembly & packaging

All of our products pass through the final manufacturing stages in the departments of cutting, assembly and packaging.

We utilize modern laser-cutting equipment that allows us to cut various sorts of fabric into individual cuttings down to the millimeter and prepare them for further processing.

Additional components, such as silicon pads or other stabilizing elements, are attached directly to our products using high-frequency weldin

We are also capable of adding additional refinements such as direct silicon coatings or imprinting customer branding.

Upon request, our products can also be supplemented with intricate decorative seams and design elements. These are then prepared for commissioning and shipment.

To round off our services, our shipment department can also pack our products in customer-specific packing material.

Peter Müller: Zuschnitt
Peter Müller: Konfektion
Peter Müller: Konfektin