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  • Peter Müller Gmbh Albstadt Onstmettingen stricken knitting bandagen
    We solve problems regardless
    of how tangled they are
  • Peter Müller Gmbh Albstadt Onstmettingen stricken knitting bandagen
    For example: Elastic knitting with
    durable elements for more stability
  • Peter Müller Gmbh Albstadt Onstmettingen stricken knitting bandagen
    Or direct silicon process
    to optimizing sliding performance

Individual customer requests

are our specialty

Individual customer requests play a central role in the development and manufacturing of our products. For this reason, we do not produce me-too products but instead develop and manufacture customized solutions for each customer.

This means that we are able to create products that accord to the visions of our customers in terms of material, colors, structures, shape and technical features.






Technical features



Optimizing sliding performance for knee bandages


Customer request:
Improve the sliding performance of knee bandages.

Development process:
By way of video analyses, we were able to visualize that various active components (e.g. silicon) significantly reduce sliding in knee bandages. Putting these discoveries to use, we attempted to replace the conventional silicon bands with a new production method.

We developed our current “direct silicon process” on the basis of anti-slide coating for socks.
Since then, we’ve developed this process even further and now use a silicon-coated thread that we sew directly onto the product.

Even the German national sports association trusts in our solutions

Customer example:
Optimizing sports compression stockings for the soles.

Customer request:
In the area of sports compression stockings, we received a request from a renowned outfitter of German national handball clubs to optimize compression stockings for soles. Athletes who  engage in multi-directional sports that demand many changes in direction often slide in their shoes. Our task was to provide these players with grip inside of the shoe.

Development process:
Various tests allowed our engineers to determine that the integration of silicon threads produces too much grip in the sportive area while the structure of a cotton sports socks produces good support on its own. Using this information, we attempted to combine our compression stockings with the positive characteristics of cotton socks.

By newly developing a special sort of cotton blended yarn along with a specific contour in the forward area of the foot, we were able to significantly optimize our sports compression stockings and sustainability reduce sliding.

Elastic knitting with durable elements for more stability

In order to improve the stability of joint bandages, we have developed and patented the following innovations: in the area of elastic knit products, we can knit inelastic threads. The threads are  placed in absorption channels and are not directly connected to the knitting. With the technology available to us, we are able to insert inelastic threads in any direction.

Our patent may be used for a variety of joint-supporting bandages, such as in those for the knees. The inelastic threads are inserted in the area of the knee cap. Pressure is applied to the knee cap in the inelastic area. This allows for the knee cap to be stabilized while the surrounding knitting remains flexible and free to move around.

The innovative advantages:

  • Achieving an advantageous compression, corrective and stabilizing function.
  • Aesthetics – the support band is hardly noticeable from the outside
  • The support material remains thin on account of dispensing with other guides and applications